School Orientation

Mark your calendar to join us for Orientation on Thursday, August 2nd.

Freshmen: 8am-10am

Sophmores, Juniors, Seniors: 10am-11:30am

If you cannot make it during your designated time or you have multiple students, please join us at any time between 8am and 11:30am.

Focused on Learning

Classroom of tomorrow, today!

Formative Assessments

Student Engagement

Differentiated Instruction

Our Work

Our instructional vision is about:

  • Constant Formative Assessment
  • Differentiated Instruction to meet student needs
  • Student Engagement
  • All supported by appropriate instructional technology

eCLASS Video
Site Visits

Twice a year, Dacula High School hosts site visits where we open every classroom in the school to visitors from around the state and country. Click below for more information.

Culture and Climate

Dacula High School’s Culture and Climate Programs are designed to create a positive culture to learn and work. Click below to learn about Big Board (PBIS done right for the high school level), The Learning Center, Dacula Way, and SOAR.

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Dacula Digital Learning Days

As you know, Dacula High School is a leader in eCLASS and transformational teaching and learning. During the Fall semester we were given the opportunity to test Cyber Days (now known in GCPS as Digital Learning Days). Our two Digital Learning Days were extremely successful, allowing teachers to plan future transformational lessons and providing remediation opportunities for students while continuing the learning process in all classes on a digital platform. Dacula High's work has been recognized by the district with the opportunity for three Digital Learning Days in the Spring semester!

Upcoming Events

Here is our most updated calendar for events happening at Dacula High School.
For questions about events please contact the front office.

Our News

Here is more information about our school and the day to day activities.

Dacula High Newsletter:

Fall 2017 Newsletter:

Winter 2018 Newsletter:

Advanced Placement Awards

Dacula High School was one of only 11 schools in the state of Georgia to receive 5 Advanced Placement awards from College Board. Congratulations teachers and students!